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Maps, graphs, charts, stats Map/counts of PA counties PA Dept of Health Chester County PA dashboard Chester County PA Dept of Health Coronavirus Chester County PA Dept of Health Montgomery County PA Franklin County OH
Pennsylvania New York California Washington Other states
US Map US daily new cases US projected cases/deaths (IHME "Chris Murray Model") US stats/graphs Cases by state ( -- Click "Jurisdictions +" below the map, then click "Total Cases" twice
World/country/region/state stats/graphs World/country stats/graphs Country maps World map and stats More stats More maps and stats Holland
Just Stay Home (self-quarantine, isolation, social distancing) Detailed article w/graphs -- Why it's urgent to JUST STAY HOME, immediately! Followup article by same guy -- Need for MANDATORY quarantine, isolation, and social distancing 7-minute video (and transcript) about WHY to stay home, even if it seems silly and unimportant 2-minute version of same video 7-minute version of same video with YouTube interactive transcript (Click "..." below the video) Extremely careful procedure for bringing food into house (if we really have to do this, I think very few of us will survive)
Video of people dying in overcrowded Italian hospital Video of quarantined Italians saying they wish they'd listened when it felt silly to do so US is hesitating to do what Italy now WISHES it did Bodies piling up in Italy too fast to cremate
How you can help Philly Inquirer ideas Washington Post ideas Give blood Drive your car Donate to a "worker's relief fund" Donate to a charity/non-profit
Buy gift cards from local businesses Buy gift cards from Philly small businesses Donate to a small business via Yelp Patronize businesses that treat their employees well
Domestic workers fund Food banks Meals On Wheels No Kid Hungry Global Giving Tipped/service workers fund Equipment/training Hospitality workers fund
Donate PPE (mask, gloves, etc.) to Philly hospitals Donate cash for PPE to Philly hospitals Donate N95 masks Donate PPE Make and donate a cloth face mask
General info Fred's Coronavirus Tips CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) WikiPedia Rich Kulawiec's Coronavirus links page
After the crisis Long term effects on US society Safe travel during COVID
Fun Humor -- Social distancing advice from a dog Trump vs God smackdown #QuarantineChallenge2K20: "Everything's OK" song/dance at home More #QuarantineChallenge2K20 videos Jokes