Don't Be A Trump!
Make America Honorable Again!

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  1. Undoing the Trump damage
    1. Biden's 1st 45 Executive Actions
    2. Even die-hard Trump fans can't stand all the hate and craziness
    3. Some Republicans want to return to their principles
    4. How to defeat Trumpism
    5. Best Strategy for 2nd Trump Impeachment
    6. How to save the US Postal Service
    7. Trump wasn't so bad except for...
    8. Biden's 1st Town Hall
    9. What's all the fuss about Black Lives Matter?...
    10. It's easier to smash than to rebuild
    11. Biden's $1.9 trillion COVID bill, the "American Rescue Act"
    12. HR-1 "For The People" Act
    13. HR-4 "Voting Rights Advancement Act"
    14. Change filibuster to require 41 votes to continue?
  2. Avoid #FakeNews
    1. Where do you get your news and other info?
    2. "Critical Thinking" is essential
    3. Real or #FakeNews?
  3. Trump's "honor"
    1. Is Trump honorable?
      1. Do you think Trump is an honorable man?
      2. There's only one type of "honorable"
      3. Trump has no plan and no moral compass.  He's a weather vane.
      4. US could beat Coronavirus, if Trump wanted to
    2. Trump's motivation: profit
      1. Why Trump ran for President, and how he accidentally got himself elected
      2. Is Trump making billions by manipulating the stock market?
      3. Is Trump himself making billions, or someone who whispers in his ear?
      4. People suspect Trump is skimming billions
      5. How to prove Trump is skimming billions
      6. Trump charges the Secret Service MILLIONS of dollars to protect him?
      7. Trump takes bribes from foreign governments and lobbyists
    3. Trump's lies
      1. Trump lies MUCH more than other candidates
      2. Trump tells lies, damned lies and statistics
      3. A list of some Trump lies
      4. Lies in Trump's 2020 State Of The Union address
      5. Is Twitter blocking some of Trump's most dangerous lies?
      6. Trump claims he held no rallies during #Coronavirus in March 2020
    4. Trump's cheating
      1. How to steal an election
      2. Trump plan to steal all PA votes
  4. Trump's "promises kept"
    1. Promises made, promises NOT kept!
    2. More promises made, promises NOT kept
    3. Wall not being built
      1. The wall doesn't work anyhow
    4. ObamaCare not "repealed and replaced". It's alive and well. I've saved $60,000 so far!
    5. ObamaCare sabotaged, but not "imploding"
    6. Swamp not drained
    7. Plays WAY more golf than Obama
  5. Trump's "effectiveness"
    1. Economy
      1. Obama created more jobs than Trump
      2. The stock market gained MUCH more under Obama than under Trump
      3. Who deserves credit for the "Trump Economy"? Thanks, Obama!
      4. The #TrumpSlump is coming
      5. The #TrumpSlump is here
      6. Trump's disastrous steel tariffs are killing the US economy
    2. World leader
      1. America is no longer great because the world has no respect for Trump
    3. US leader
      1. James Mattis, Trump's own Secretary of Defense, says Trump is harmful to the US
      2. Trump fans the flames to cause more George Floyd rioting
    4. National security
      1. Trump is a national security risk because he's weak and easily manipulated
    5. Coronavirus
      1. Trump refuses to beat the Coronavirus by tracking its variants
      2. Trump abandoned the American people, commiting pandemicide, causing 300,000 more deaths
  6. Trump's "strength"
    1. Why I call Trump #SadLittleDonny -- he's weak, insecure and pathetic
  7. Trump's "business sense"
    1. Trump has no business sense -- it's all bluster, bailouts, and bankruptcies
  8. Trump's "base" (aka, the "baser" side of humanity)
    1. How can they not see it?
    2. Democrat, Independent or #MAGAt -- which are you?
    3. Senate non-trial?  Enough is enough -- They really are #MAGAts
    4. Trump is only a symptom
    5. Maybe some of them are not truly #MAGAts after all?
    6. Cognitive dissonance makes your head hurt
    7. Republicans have changed
    8. The Case Against Trump (and why some of your friends and family no longer want to speak to you)
    9. Counter arguments against claims of Trump "successes"
    10. What does it mean to "bear arms"?
  9. Trump's "impeachment trials"
    1. Senate chickened out on impeachment, but the truth will come out
    2. Impeachment = indictment, Removal = jury trial and conviction
    3. Senate can't blame the House for not doing the Senate's job
    4. Best Strategy for 2nd Trump Impeachment
    5. Video of Capitol riots with Trump urging them on
  10. Trump's racism
    1. The truth about immigrants
      1. The truth about seasonal workers with H-2B visas
  11. Trump's future
    1. Trump's house of cards is collapsing
    2. Countdown of days till a real president
  12. America's past
    1. America WAS great UNTIL Trump took office
  13. America's future
    1. What will Trump do if he loses?  And what will YOU do in response?
    2. What I think Trump will do if he loses
    3. Will the US military support a Trump coup attempt?
    4. What I will do in case of a Trump coup attempt
  14. How can YOU help?
    1. See something, say something. Silence is complicity
    2. Don't be a collaborator, even passively
    3. How to talk about politics
    4. Polite won't get the job done
    5. Be a gracious winner
  15. On the lighter side...
    1. Trump cartoons and jokes
    2. "The Day Democracy Died" sung by The Founding Fathers
    3. Even children mock sad pathetic little Donny
    4. Did Trump really say if the Dow dropped 1,000, the President should be impeached?
    5. Calendar of Trump's Coronavirus statements
  16. Miscellaneous (not yet categorized above)