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As a public service, I maintain 2 Web sites:

I also mail out daily tips.  I maintain several mailing lists for sending out tips and techniques on a variety of technical topics.  The lists are private (I am the only sender) and by invitation only (I know every person on them).  I never reveal the addresses of people on my lists.  If you ask to be added to a list, it will never lead to you getting e-mail from anyone except me.

On a typical day, I mail out one technical tip to one of my lists.  On days when I don't have time to prepare a tip, I sometimes mail a joke to my Jokes list.  I also maintain a couple of social lists like Golf and Ping Pong, which I use for rounding up the occasional golf foursome or ping pong match, and some business-related lists like Consultants (for advertising consulting engagements that I'm too busy to accept), and Job Wanted (tips and leads for people actively looking for a new job), etc.

Each tip is a stand-alone bite-sized nugget.  Typically one screenful of text or less.  Nobody wants to accumulate a backlog of long unread technical articles that become a burden.  With my tips, you should know from the subject line, or certainly by the first sentence, whether to bother reading it or just hit delete.  If you continue, you should have learned something useful within 30 seconds or so, and can proceed on your way.  If there are people out there who save my tips to be read later, I'm not doing it right.  So please tell me.

Total traffic is always less than one message per day to all lists combined, and usually business days only, so people who read their e-mail at work don't see 3 messages on Monday.

I have computer user lists:

business lists:

computer programmer lists:

and other lists:

Remember, even if you are on all of these lists, you'll still get no more than one message per day.  On a typical day, I pick one of the lists and send one message to it.  (Actually, on a more typical day, I just forget all about it and send no message!)  In any case, you won't get flooded.

Whenever I mail a tip to one of the technical lists, I also post it to my corporate Web site:
Browse there to see the type of stuff I've sent in the past.

As you may have guessed if you followed that link, I've been doing this for over 20 years, and almost never had an "unsubscribe" request, though I do promise to honor any such requests immediately.

Since these lists are by invitation only, there is no automated sign-up page.  Click here to send me e-mail asking to be added to the lists.  Be sure to tell me which lists to add you to, and what e-mail address to use for you.

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