Bristle Software Mailing Lists

I mail out occasional short tips about Mac, Windows, Unix/Linux, Internet, etc.  A separate mailing list for each.  Also computer programming tips for Agile, Python, JavaScript, Java, XML, Ajax, SQL, NoSQL, Android, etc., each to its own list. 

Plus a few business-oriented lists like Career Tips, Job Wanted, Consultants, Finance, Coronavirus, etc.  And some social lists, like Jokes, Ping Pong, Golf, Math Puzzles, etc.

All lists are:

On a typical day, I mail a tip to one list.  Otherwise, I may send a joke to the Jokes list.  Or an invite to one of the social lists (lunch, golf, ping pong, etc.)

Each tip is a stand-alone bite-sized nugget.  One screen or less.  Delete if the subject or 1st sentence doesn't grab you.  Otherwise learn something useful in 30 seconds.  Don't let them pile up.

Computer user lists:

Business/career/finance/news lists:

Computer programmer lists:

Other lists:

Public lists (all email addresses visible to all recipients):

This is a big part of how I keep in touch with folks and give back to the community.  In nearly 30 years, I've rarely had an unsubscribe request.  But I do honor any such requests immediately.

Lists are invitation-only.  No automated sign-up page.  Click here to send mail asking to be added.  Tell me which lists and what email address.

Some recent tips:

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Interested?  Click here.  Tell me which lists and what email address.

Feel free to forward this invite to friends, family, schoolmates, colleagues.  Anyone who might be interested.