Class SecurableObjectMapBean

  extended by com.bristle.javalib.bean.MapBean
      extended by
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public class SecurableObjectMapBean
extends MapBean

This bean class carries a MapBean which is a map of Securable ids to Securable objects.


   - The typical scenarios for using this class are:
     - To initialize it from a List of Securables:
           MapBean mapBean;
           mapBean = new SecurableObjectMapBean(securableListBean)
     - To access it, see scenarios in MapBean.

       - None.
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private static long serialVersionUID
          This number identifies the version of the class definition, used for serialized instances.
Constructor Summary
SecurableObjectMapBean(List list)
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private static final long serialVersionUID
This number identifies the version of the class definition, used for serialized instances. Be sure to increment it when adding/modifying instance variable definitions or making any other change to the class definition. Omitting this declaration causes a compiler warning for any class that implements

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Constructor Detail


public SecurableObjectMapBean(List list)

list - The List to copy from. Does a shallow copy, so the items that are in the List when this constructor is called are shared between the List and the SecurableObjectMapBean. Future changes to any of those items will be reflected in both. However, adding or deleting items from one will not affect the other.