Class FileTreeIterator

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public class FileTreeIterator
extends Object
implements Iterator

This class implements an iterator for a directory tree of files and subdirectories. Within each subdirectory, it returns the immediate children (files and subdirectories) in case-insensitive alphabetic order. However, after returning each subdirectory, it returns the contents of the subdirectory, recursively, before continuing with the remaining siblings of that subdirectory. That is, it performs a "depth-first pre-order left-to-right" traversal. It does not return the top-level directory that was originally specified for traversal -- only its descendants.

   - The typical scenario for using this class is:
       for (Iterator i = new FileTreeIterator("/dir"); i.hasNext(); )
           File file = (File);

   - See the source code of the inner Tester class for more examples.
       - None.  Iterates over the directory tree, but does not change it.
Anticipated Changes:
       - Currently iterates forward only.  May add hasPrev() and prev() to 
         support reverse iteration and reversing during an iteration. 
       - May add support for resetting the iteration to a specified index 
         within the current subdirectory (the 3rd file, 5th file, etc.)
       - May add support for querying the index within the current 
       - Currently caches the entire set of filenames in a single directory,
         internally as an array of Strings.  May add an option to cache less
         and retrieve more directly from the filesystem on each iteration.
       - May add new constructor with a FilenameFilter parameter, so the 
         iterator returns a set of Files filtered by name.
       - May add new constructor with a FileFilter parameter, so the 
         iterator returns a set of Files filtered by other File properties.
         Note:  Supporting FileFilter will be easiest to do by switching 
                internally from File.list() to File.listFiles(), but that
                will make it harder to sort by filename.
       - May add additional traversal orders:
         - breadth-first, instead of depth-first
         - case-sensitive, instead of case-insensitive
         - post-order, instead of pre-order
         - right-to-left, instead of left-to-right     
       - May add a limit on the depth to traverse, so caller can limit a
         traversal to children only, children and grandchildren only, etc. 
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Nested Class Summary
static class FileTreeIterator.Tester
          Each class contains a Tester inner class with a main() for easier unit testing.
Constructor Summary
FileTreeIterator(String strDirectoryName)
Method Summary
 boolean hasNext()
          Returns true if there are more Files to be iterated; false otherwise.
 Object next()
          Returns the next File in the iteration.
 void remove()
          Not implemented.
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Constructor Detail


public FileTreeIterator(String strDirectoryName)

strDirectoryName - String name of the directory tree to iterate.
NullPointerException - If strDirectoryName is null.
Method Detail


public boolean hasNext()
Returns true if there are more Files to be iterated; false otherwise.

Specified by:
hasNext in interface Iterator
true if there are more Files to be iterated; false otherwise


public Object next()
            throws NoSuchElementException
Returns the next File in the iteration.

Specified by:
next in interface Iterator
the next File in the iteration
NoSuchElementException - when no more Files in the iteration


public void remove()
Not implemented. This is an optional method of the Iterator interface.

Specified by:
remove in interface Iterator