Over on the left their is a diagram of all the trout in United States and some identification things to look for. Trout have always been a pasion for me because they are beautiful fish, good to eat, and very elusive which makes it just that much better to catch. Rainbows are the the fish I usually catch, but sometimes a lake or a brown come up. Rainbows are my favorite because they are beautiful fish with a rainbow dotted color and have a aggresive nature. All trout go for the fly which is my expertise, I'v been doing fly fishing for years and very experienced.

Over on the right is a picture of a rainbow trout with a nice rainbow line going down its back. Theirs nice dots on its body and probably a good 20 inches which is a adult:)

This is an image of a Largemouth bass jumping out of the water to the right.They are found pretty much everywhere in United States.Their up their with my favorite fish to catch including the rainbow trout in the upper right corner.Largemouth Bass are very aggressive and put up a good fight for their size. Their known to even jump out of the water like marlin but obviously not as large. They eat anything from small fish to ducklings.

Record Book

Alligator Gar     279lbs   Rio Grande,TX      1951         
Atlantic Halibut  255lbs   Gloucester,MA      1989
Atlantic salmon   79lbs    Tana River,Norway  1928
Black Marlin      1560lbs  Cabo Blanco,Peru   1953
Black Drum	  113lbs   Lewes,DE           1975
Blackfin Tuna     45lbs    Key West,FL        1996
Blue Shark        454lbs   Marthas Vine,MA    1996
Blue Fish         31lbs    Hatteras,NC        1972
Brook Trout  	  14lbs    Nipigon River      1916
Carp              75lbs    France             1987
Channel Catfish   58lbs    Santee-Cooper,SC   1964
Chain Pickerel    9lbs     Homerville,GA      1961
Chinook Salmon    97lbs    Kenai River,AK     1985
Freshwater Drum   54lbs    Nickajack Lake,TN  1972
Dolphin           87lbs    Papagallo Gulf     1976
Golden Trout      11lbs    Crooks Lake,WY     1948
Great Barracuda   85lbs    Kirbiati           1992
Great White       2664lbs  Ceduna, Australia  1959
Hammerhead Shark  1411lbs  Sarasota,Fl	      1982
Greenland Shark   1708lbs  Norway             1987
King Mackeral     90lbs    Key West,Fl        1976
Lake Salmon       18lbs    Lake Tanganyika    1987
Lake Sturgeon     168lbs   Georgian Bay,ON    1982
Lake Trout        72lbs    Great-Bear Lake    1995
Largemouth Bass   22lbs    Montgomery Lake,GA 1932
Nile Perch        213lbs   Lake Nasser,Egypt  1997
Northern Pike	  55lbs	   Lake of Grefeern   1986
Blue Marlin       1376lbs  Kaiwia Point,HI    1982
Pacific Halibut   459lbs   Dutch Harbor       1996
Pacific Sailfish  221lbs   Santa Cruz,Ecudor  1947
RAINBOW TROUT     42lbs    Bell Island,Ak     1970
Red Drum          94lbs    Avon,NC            1984
Mako Shark        1115lbs  Black River,Canda  1974
Small Mouth Bass  10lbs    Dale Hollow,TN     1969
Southern Flounder 20lbs    Nassau Sound,FL    1983
Sockeye Salmon    15lbs    Kenai River,AK     1987
Bluefin Tuna      348lbs   New Zealand        1981
Spotted Seatrout  17lbs    Ft. Pierce,FL      1995
Striped Bass      78lbs    Atlantic City,NJ   1982
Swordfish         1182lbs  Iquique,Chile      1953
Summer Flounder   22lbs    Montauk,NY         1975
Tiger Musky       51lbs    WI-MI              1919
Tarpon            283lbs   Sierra Leon        1991
Tiger Shark       1780lbs  Cherry Grove,SC    1964
Walleye           25lbs    Old Hickory Lake   1960  
Wahoo             158lbs   Baja Cal,Mexico    1996
Tiger Trout	  20lbs    Lake Michigan,WI   1978
Weakfish          19lbs    Long Island,NY     1984
White Marlin      181lbs   Victoria,Brazil    1979
White Perch       4lbs     Messalonksee Lake  1949
White Sturgeon    468lbs   Benicia,CA         1983
White Seabass     83lbs    San Felipe,Mexico  1953
Yellowfin Tuna    388lbs   San Benedicto      1977
Yellow Perch      4lbs     Bordentown,NJ      1865

My Fishing Knot I Use Every-Time

Out of all the knots I've learned of either from books or fisherman, this one is my favorite. I use it both freshwater and salwater because its very strong and durable. Also, the knots easy to memorize and very fast to tie. I hooked a 150lbs Yellowfin Tuna with this knot and the first thing to break was not me or the knot but the pole:)

Fishing Brand I'll Always Use

In the picture above,Shimano has always been my favorite ever since I got my first rod which was a Shimano. It has never failed me unless I did something careless which broke it. I don't plan to switch my preference on Shimano anytime soon:) Click on The links to the right of the picture if you wish to get good quality fishing supplies:)

My All-Time Favorite Monsters:Northern Pike(left)VsMuskie(right)



Pike like to eat pretty much anything that fits in their stomach like frogs,leeches,perch,bass,trout,bluegill,ducks, and any other fish. Their known to be hungry enough to take out whole schools of fish. Their known to get as big as 80 pounds and 7 feet long! Attacks have been recorded on human. They have pointed back teeth like the cousin of the pike....muskie. My lifetime goal is to catch a record breaker fish and have it mounted.

Muskie are very agrresive fish that get giant and have very large teeth.The teeth are pointed backwards so that fish cant get out when they catch them. They can get over 100 pounds and over 7 feet long. Their has been attacks recorded on humans. They eat crayfish,frogs,ducks,muskrates,snakes, and other animals that get to close. Its my lifetime goal to catch a 70 pounder and get it mounted on my wall.

-Muskie jaw

-Pike jaw

Above are Jaws of Freshwater Appex Predators

This picture to the left is of a supposedly 1700lbs Blue Marlin jumping in the air after hooking it. It was also estimated at 16ft long! They think it would have been the largest one ever caught but it broke the line.

Top Five Most Dangerous Sharks

This is a picture of a Orvis Fly Rod/Reel and is the same thing I have. I've always used Orvis and it's the best brand for the fly but it's expensive:)Enjoy

Great White

Bull Shark

Tiger Shark

Hammerhead Shark

Blue Shark

Here are some sharks that have really caught my eye ever since I started getting into the dangerous side of fishing. I now want to go all around the world when I get older to catch each one of these monsters with a rod and reel. The Bull shark really catches my eye because its able to swim up into freshwater and saltwater. In the amazon river, a bull shark was found 2,200 miles upstream from nearest saltwater. This really makes me interseted to see one up close. Hammerhead can track a meal from a mile away with even a drop of blood due to its large hammer like face. The Tiger Shark has razor sharp teeth and a very strong jaw which allows it to even take chunks out of one of its favorite preys.. giant sea turtles. The Great White Shark is so large and powerful its always dangerous if close. They get well past the 4,000lbs mark sometimes when adults. Lastly, the Blue Shark is dangerous not because of its small size but because of its aggresivness to never back down. It will take on anything for food which is bad for us and any other smaller prey on the menu. These are why they make the top 5 most dangerous sharks.

To the left their is a picture of my favorite show.. River Monsters. This show basically got me into going for the big game fish instead of always being happy with every catch I get. Catching a small fish feels different ever since I started watching:)


Redskins are my favorite football team of a ll time. Even though they have have been bad every single season since I was born, I still like them. The thing is their getting better since the 2012 draft when Mike Shannahan(the coach) picked up Robert Griffin III and Alfred Morris. Since that, Alfred rushed for over 1600 yards his rookie season and RG3 got voted to the pro bowl. The team just made to the Playoffs and have a bright Future ahead.

This to the right is rising star Alfred Morris, running back for the Washington Redskins

This image to the right is Robert Griffin III, quarterback for the Washington Redskins

This image to the left is London Fletcher, linebacker for the Washington Redskins

NFL Major Records

Record Player Stat Date Most points career Morten Anderson 2,544 2007 Most seasons George Blanda 26 1976 Most points season Ladanian Thomlinson 186 2006 Most touchdowns career Jerry Rice 208 2004 Most touchdowns season Ladanian Thomlinson 28 2006 Most touchdowns half Shaun Alexander 4 2004 Most rush yards Emmit Smith 18,356 2004 Most rush yards season Eric Dickerson 2,105 1984 Most rush yards rookie Eric Dickerson 1,808 1983 Most rush yards game Adrian Peterson 253 2007 Most rush yards half Adrian Peteron 296 2007 Most rush yards quarter Jamaal Charles 162 2012 Most YPG average career Jim Brown 104.3 1965 Highest PR career Aaron Rodgers 104.2 curr Highest CP season Drew Brees 71.23 2011 Highest CP game Peyton Manning 121.2 2005 Most pass yards season Drew Brees 5,476 2011 Most passing yards game Norm Van Brocklin 554 1951 Most passing TD career Brett Favre 508 2010 Most rec yards career Jerry Rice 22,895 2004 Most rec yards season Calvin Johnson 1,964 2012 Most rec yards seas TE Rob Gronkowski 1,327 2011 Most rec TD career Jerry Rice 197 2004 Most rec TD season Randy Moss 23 2007 Most starts career Brett Favre 321 2010 MOST TACKLES CAREER LONDON FLETCHER 1,912 curr Most Sacks Bruce Smith 200 2001

Top 10 Rushing Leaders

PLAYER STAT DATE 1. Emmitt Smith 18,355 1990-2004 2. Walter Payton 16,726 1975-1987 3. Barry Sanders 15,269 1989-1998 4. Curtis Martin 14,101 1995-2005 5. LaDainian Tomlinson 13,684 2001-2011 6. Jerome Bettis 13,662 1993-2005 7. Eric Dickerson 13,259 1983-1993 8. Tony Dorsett 12,739 1977-1988 9. Jim Brown 12,312 1957-1965 10. Marshall Faulk 12,279 1994-2005

Top 10 Passing Leaders

PLAYER STAT DATE 1. Brett Favre 71,838 1991-2010 2. Dan Marino 61,361 1983-1999 3. Peyton Manning 59,487 1998-2012 4. John Elway 51,475 1983-1998 5. Warren Moon 49,325 1984-2000 6. Fran Tarkenton 47,003 1961-1978 7. Vinny Testaverde 46,233 1987-2007 8. Drew Brees 45,919 2001-2012 9. Tom Brady 44,806 2000-2012 10. Drew Bledsoe 44,611 1993-2006

Barry Sanders Lions Highlights

Earl Campbell Heisman Highlight

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Walter Peyton Bears Highlight

O.J. Simpson Bills Highlight

Emmit Smith Cowboys Highlight

Jerry Rice 49ers Highlight

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(Ema)...my Dog

Michael Jordan Tribute

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Photo of Byron Bay - one of Australia's best beaches!

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